She will find them.

He that knows little often repeats it.


I've never liked that girl.


That'll help me a lot.

She's going to take a look.

Did you steal them?

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Nobody wants to play with him.

Charity starts at home.

What kind of fruit is green?

I'm going to chop her head off with a cleaver.

One of her cars is blue and the others are red.

I'll take from it what I wish.

Lunch is on you.

You can't teach a crab how to walk straight.

I like to annoy Jaime.


Again, there is another side to the story.

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Are we ever going to finish this?

I can't get an answer from him.

Darin poisoned Juan.

It was competitive.

My brother gave me a cute doll.

I enjoy eating many different kinds of food.

There was a lot of snow last winter.

Climate change affects water demand and the ways water is used within and across regions and economic sectors.

That happened seventeen years before the Wright brothers flew for the first time.


Steven says he doesn't want to get into a shouting match.

It wasn't perfect.

The three of us used to pull all-nighters at Yumezaki all the time.


She said, "How confident he looks!"

Rodger came to live with Piete.

The president conducted us personally to his office.

I don't want to talk to you today.

I'll be at the front door.

From this moment Elsa's life was that of the ordinary happy child.

I don't think that we should do that.


As long as the whole world has not reached happiness, individual happiness is impossible.


That was Lukas's plan all along.


Sharks are scary.

You could've run.

Why doesn't anybody help her?

No sooner had we sat down than we found it was time to go.

It's do or die now.


You seem to be insensible of their good intentions.

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Never flush drugs down the toilet.

When does the last train leave?

We hired a guide for our white-water rafting trip.

That is mine.

Straka doesn't know if Sigurd remembers him.

Val absconded with all the money donated for earthquake relief.

She hated her husband.

No one fires until I give the order.

Do you have any advice for me?

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How much money does Ray make?


I do a lot of stuff that my mother doesn't know I do.

He always internalizes every unpleasant thing people say to him.

Is your mom at home?


I just met a boy named Francisco.

Do you accept tips?

Al finally believes us.


Don't wake her up.

We have all the evidence against you we need.

Who searches, finds.

I enjoy reading books.

I was convinced that he was guilty.

How big was your donation?

Andre wanted to spend more time with his family.

The jury were asked to allow for the age of the accused.

I'm tired from lack of sleep.

That's dumb.

He kept on laughing at me.


Kristen is double-jointed.


Do you feel more encouraged now?


We only speak French at home.

For her, work and family were synonymous.

We'll have to risk it.

Who knows what you saw?

Naomi taught Saad how to defend herself.


Let me make sure I have this straight.

The girl Markus was chatting with fainted.

My head is swimming, so I'll try writing any-old stuff without any deep thought.

Where do you know him from?

I prefer Noh to Kabuki, because the former looks more elegant to me than the latter.

Are they both the same?

"Is Lewis on our team?" "No, he's on the other team."

Carlo was so angry that he couldn't speak.

Where did you tickle them?

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Everyone agreed to a certain extent.

Every precaution has been taken.

Leif passed one test, but failed the other.

Check it out, Mah.

We appreciate your interest in our company.

The writer's latest novel is well worth reading.

You did have fun, didn't you?

Whose things are those?

I don't know how else to say it.

We'll remain here.

Don't sleep with the light left on.

It is difficult to break the vicious circle of wages and prices.

You needn't do it at once.

They continued fighting against the invaders year after year.

I hope Randal had a good time.

The members decreased by 50 to 400.

Recently someone told me about a website,, a language website apparently, which I will be sure to check out.

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The United States is made up of 50 states.

I was impressed by the new MP3 player.

It'll be Christmas soon.

I'd like her to take me home.

He built forty-eight forts.

Liza doesn't know much.

This picture is of my uncle.

When participants were sought at the end of June all, about 500, seats were reserved in under a week.

We have three dogs, one white and two black.


We respect her.

The best or worst thing to man, for this life, is good or ill choosing his good or ill wife.

The handling of dynamite is dangerous.

I've never seen anybody die.

Operation Yoav was a military operation carried out by Israel in its war for independence.

I need to talk to Piotr about something.

Well, I clean the rooms.

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I'm afraid I differ with you on this point.

You must think I came down in the last shower to expect me to believe that.

She accused her of having stolen the bike.

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No matter how busy you are, you have to do your homework.


This is unacceptable to us.


Audrey turned the knob.

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You look beautiful this evening.

I wanna my money back because this computer program is not efficient like they promissed.

I thought it was a good idea.

Jack and Peggy were married by the Rev. John Smith.

He sensed that threat early in his career.


You don't know what it's like to not have enough to eat.

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Why do you say things like that?

Get me the newspaper.

You don't really want to do this, do you?

I hope Ole doesn't do it again.

That doesn't really help us, does it?

Let's keep public places clean.

The correctional officer beat an inmate.


Leila says that he loves Christophe.

I had a premonition.

I'm proud of her.

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Cowardly, he slinked over to the window and peered suspiciously out into the empty street.


What a scoundrel you are!

I used to walk past Claude's house almost every day.

Steen began to eat.

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I didn't give them a choice.

Wow, Spudboy is a hot piece of ass.

I would rather stay home than go out with him.

I hope he hasn't had an accident.

He is by no means a pleasant fellow to associate with.

Aaron wanted to give Sabrina a chance to explain why she hadn't yet done the work.

The battle was fought by the river.

I sent them out of the room.

He is impatient to see you.

He has much economic knowledge.

Is this acceptable?

He armed himself with all the facts before asking questions at the meeting.

The question is whether he can do it or not.

He drank that large beer mug dry.

The president's term of office is four years.

I lived on a farm when I was a kid.

I didn't want you to feel you were alone.

Patricia is an excellent student.

I'm always at your service.

Lenny is going to love Boston.

Choose a present carefully.